In the wordless world, learn doesn’t exist for self-evident reasons.


In the wordy world, the word-user’s young understand from the start there’s but one way to join the wordy-world: To be, have, and do like them.

Step one, learn about words fast as you can, the sooner the better. Or risk being outcast, bullied, or left behind in other ways.

And because they understand the word-challenge like the inside of their pockets from personal experience, the adults provide the machines they’ve created, and their offspring too, of course, with every learning-aid imaginable under the sun.

All things imaginable include not only everything from fictional characters to kindergartens and schools, but it comes complete with places of higher learning, too. I guess for how not to make mistakes with the high-er words also.

Be it as it may, after 20 years of stories, repetition, intensity, timing, and authority also known as school, the machines know more words faster than we do.

Presumably, to learn more tomorrow.

From afar

Seen from afar, it would seem at the end of learning, the graduates flock together in groups.

  • Those frozen in wonder about what just happened and what for.
  • Those claiming the best is yet to come.

You don’t learn so that you can then do. That’s an anxiety reaction and an avoidance behavior.” – Nick Murray

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