Abilities Grammarian-approved


Absorb, accept, account, act, adapt, admir, ador, advis, afford, agree, applic, attain, avail, bank, bear, believ, breath, cap, change, communic, compar, conceiv, cross, culp, cultiv, cur, decid, deliver, demonstr, deni, depend, desir, detach, dis, drill, drink, dur, educ, enforce, exchange, exclud, expand, extend, extract, fashion, filter, fish, flamm, foresee, forge, form, formid, habit, hatch, herit, honor, justifi, knowledge, l, li, lie, lik, liv, lov, manage, manipul, market, marriage, measur, melt, memor, modifi, mov, negoti, not, observ, perform, perish, perme, play, pleasur, pli, polariz, port, pot, practic, predict, present, preserv, prevent, print, prob, process, profit, programm, promot, pronounce, punish, quot, read, reason, recall, recogniz, reconcil, recover, rectifi, reform, refund, reli, remedi, remember, remov, renew, rent, repair, repeat, replic, reput, respect, retriev, reus, sal, salvage, service, share, solv, st, stain, stretch, su, suit, support, surviv, sustain, syll, ten, test, toler, trace, train, transfer, translat, transplant, transport, trust, tun, us, vari, vener, verifi, vulner, wash, and work-able.


Collaps, compat, comprehens, conduct, corrig, corrupt, cred, deduct, defeas, ed, elig, erod, extens, fall, feas, flex, frang, fus, gull, illeg, impass, imposs, impress, intellig, irresist, irrespons, leg, neglig, permiss, plaus, poss, process, reduc, reprehens, repress, reproduc, resist, respons, revers, ris, sens, suscept, tang, transmiss, and vis-ible.


Immov, immut, impalp, impass, impecc, impenetr, imperish, imperme, imperturb, implac, imponder, impractic, impregn, impression, improb, improv, imput-able.


In, inadvis, inalien, inalter, inapplic, incalcul, incap, incommensur, incommunic, incompar, inconceiv, incontest, indefatig, indefin, indispens, indistinguish, indomit, indubit, ineduc, ineff, inefface, ineluct, ineradic, inevit, inexor, inexplic, inextric, inflamm, inherit, insati, inscrut, insepar, insoci, inst, insur, integr, interavail, interchange, interoper, interpret, intersubstitut, intoler, intract, invari, invi, inviol, invulner-able.


Irrational, irreconcil, irreform, irrefrag, irrefut, irremov, irrepeal, irreplace, irreproach, irretriev, and irrevoc-able.





Ability Grand Total

Over 520 abilities in all.

If the past is anything to go by, more will be added over time.

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