Once you’ve read it and absorbed it you will want to read and re-read it again – it is that good.
– Philip Flynn, Independent Director, Consultant, member of the Board of Directors of the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO)

Serves as an example of what’s possible when you put your all into something and make it remarkable. Above average. Glaringly insightful.”
– Jack Humphrey, Brand Storyteller, Brand Management & Consulting, Inbound Marketing Expert, Copywriter

An inspirational train ride like no other you have experienced.
– Ross Burg

Get ready to kiss inertia goodbye! A must read!”
– Donna Vessey, executive producer of the “Hittin’ the Road” educational adventure show broadcast on PBS.

Wonderful! Where was this in my second decade instead of my sixth? Five glorious stars!
– Damiano de Sano Iocovozzi

A formidable book! Seriously important, and quite funny, too! A joy, no doubt I’ll read it again.
– Agnès Kaufmann

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness, and truth, says Leo Tolstoy (in War and Peace)… For understanding the principles of simplicity, you have this book. A must-have experience!”
– Matild Kiss

Beat, your writing always reminds me of a Picasso painting. It makes me stop, turn my head, and then go, yes, I get it. To me, Picasso left us enough room to fill in our own stories.”
– Nicole Rushin

I’ve read it twice (!). It helps with all areas of life! I’ll probably steal some of the ideas from you.”
– Corinne Edwards

What I loved is the simplicity and the ease of reading with the great analogies and graphics to drive the points home. A lot of simple but precious nuggets. Worth reading.”
– Rajesh C. Jyotishi

We all respond to what’s happening in our lives. Here, the author helps us to filter what’s important from what’s not important. You decide – problem or opportunity – it’s all in how you respond to life. The author helps you to find what is important in your life and then use that to simplify the amount of effort and drain on your emotions and still get to where you want to go. He provides several life hacks we can all use. The one I liked the best was the Study:Action hack — study enough to learn but then spend more time putting that into action. By doing, you learn more while you achieve at the same time. Too many people make the mistake of getting stuck in the learning without taking action or enough action.”
– D. Cherry

I’ve read dozens of self-help books before, but nothing like this. This is truly a great work! Exclamation marks don’t do it justice. Super-duper fantastic. Last Train to Simple is the simplest and most powerful self-help book I’ve ever come across. In my opinion, second to none. A book I can instantly remember! For that alone, it is simply amazing. It is inspiring, provocative, unreservedly recommend it to anyone, beginner or advanced.”
– Nena Dailey

After umpteen self-help books and lots of reading and some self healing, along comes this booklet. Simple is the new healing tool and simple is the technique. Easy and quick reading with great and lasting if applied. Nobody does the trick for us, we all have to do it ourselves but who wants to pass up on this simple and quick train? Try it and your life will change instantly.”
– Stefanie Yamout

Great tidbit of wisdom and all about RESPONSE-ABILITY – Beat has a way to capture you and teach beautiful lessons by taking 100% responsibility! Truly a book to keep on your bookshelves. Check it out for it may change a pattern of thought… Thank you Beat for writing this very wise book!”
– Nancy Shields

A self-help book that can really work for you! I am not a huge fan of self-help books, but this one is different and I plan to put the principle to work in my own life. I felt as if a breath of fresh air rushed into the room as I finished. I hope you find it as worthwhile as I.”
– Candace Current-Wright

A little gem of a book! Nuggets of wisdom that I have always known, but paid little heed to. Now acting on them in a structured way. Seeing opportunity. With mindfulness. Sometimes this lesson takes years learn. Had I known, and had I employed Love, Freedom, and Response-Ability in my thought process back then, perhaps I would not have so many regrets now.”
– Jane Foley 

The simplest ideas are always the best ideas! A book that can change your point of view by reducing input while reminding the focus on the use of words. Get on board! Enjoy the enlightening power of the word. But never forget to read for yourself.”
– Ronny Ruefli

Simply put and s worthwhile, perfect reading to inspire you to take responsibility and move forward. Last Train to Simple lives up to its name, with a wealth of information yet an uncomplicated way to achieve your goals. Thank you, thank you!”
– Renee Burtt

I just finished reading Mr. Schindler’s wonderful new book & have this to say. Where was this book in my second decade instead of my sixth? There are several authors I read over & over like Stephen Covey, Jane Austen & Anna Quindlen. I have to add this little gem to my yearly ‘must read overs’. Mr. Schindler never uses the word ‘integrity’ but his message is quite simple & that exactly: be awake, think honestly, plan, act, look at others as ends in themselves & never as means, know yourself. Live your life as an exclamation, not and explanation. For this reason, I give Mr. Schindler five glorious stars!”
– Damiano de Sano Locovozzi MSN FNP CNS, CEO President – The Thomas Edwin Walls Foundation

Fascinating little book that is easy to read and packed with tremendous amount of information designed to get you moving rather than ‘thinking’ about moving. Throughout the pages of this book, Beat, challenges us to take action and move into your life instead of concerning yourself about what is ‘not’ happening. ‘Overcome fear and get moving’! This is a refreshing change from so many of the current ‘self help’ books available today. Very creative and nicely done!
– Carl Bozemen, author of Addressing the Divine Within

Within this wonderful find there is a section called Leap To Action. Just Do It.’ This section alone has enabled me to shave off almost an hour of my working day. I have it printed in my office…just as a little reminder! Great advice!”
– Andrew Rondeau 

WOW! and OMG… your book is inspiring, eye-opening, provocative, life-changing, charming, and tangible, as if I can ‘reach out and touch’ the actual ideas. Couldn’t pull myself from it. The impact is instant, yet timeless. The simplest and most powerful self-help book I’ve ever come across. Truly, a great work! This, I cannot emphasize enough.”
– Machelle Scott

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