In the wordless world, change doesn’t exist for self-evident reasons.


In the wordy world, constant change is survival. There is no other way. That’s because we are 70% water. Without constant change, we’d be dead and gone by the afternoon. Where will 70% of you be tomorrow?

No person ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and it is not the same person.” – Heraclitus

If nothing has been more constant than change for thousands of years and counting, then what should we call it now? Change, or constant?

They’re both free for the taking but, typical of word-users, it depends on whom you ask.

  • Change

    Change is the word preferred by fear-mongers whose income depends on their ability to get others to live in fear of change that hasn’t lit up yet and to believe who set their house on fire was an arsonist from out of town and maybe even from another country.

  • Constant

    Constant is preferred by word-users who have no use of fear.

In a world constantly trying to make you fear, going with constancy takes a leap of faith. But that doesn’t mean it is a choice. After all, like our ancestors, we don’t make choices.

We make decisions.

However, when you do the leap of faith, many decisions are already made.

What the famous are saying about change

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