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What others say about Spontaneous Action

“I just finished reading Mr. Schindler’s wonderful new book “Spontaneous Action” & have this to say. Where was this book in my second decade instead of my sixth? There are several authors I read over & over like Stephen Covey, Jane Austen & Anna Quindlen. I have to add this little gem to my yearly ‘must read overs’. Mr. Schindler never uses the word ‘integrity’ but his message is quite simple & that exactly: be awake, think honestly, plan, act, look at others as ends in themselves & never as means, know yourself. Live your life as an exclamation, not and explanation. For this reason, I give Mr. Schindler five glorious stars!”

Damiano de Sano Locovozzi MSN FNP CNS, CEO President
The Thomas Edwin Walls Foundation
“Fascinating little book, Spontaneous Action, that is easy to read and packed with tremendous amount of information designed to get you moving rather than ‘thinking’ about moving. Throughout the pages of Spontaneous Action, Beat, challenges us to take action and move into your life instead of concerning yourself about what is ‘not’ happening. ‘Overcome fear and get moving’! This is a refreshing change from so many of the current ‘self help’ books available today. Very creative and nicely done!”

Carl Bozemen

Author: On Being God – Beyond Your Life’s Purpose
Are You Listening – Addressing the Divine Within
“Within this ‘wonderful find’ there is a section called ‘Leap To Action in Spontaneous Action. Just Do It.’ It would be unfair for me to share but let’s just say this section has enabled me to ‘shave off’ almost an hour of my working day. I have it printed in my office…just as a little reminder! Great advice!”

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