Hi you all, my name is Beat Schindler, in Switzerland, and a little late in letting you know that THE ORIGIN OF HUMANITY — in English — subtitled “WHAT CAN BE DENIED ONLY BY CONFIRMING IT”, is finally available — since March 13 exactly — from Books on Demand: Biased, I recommend the paperback for €36.00, but it is of course also available in ebook format for €14.99. The book is for the first
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What is FRESH PERSPECTIVE and why isn’t everybody talking about it? Well, I haven’t lately told my readers about FRESH PERSPECTIVE, partly because I’ve been out for a large part of 2022 (for health reasons) and also because in the time since then, I’ve been busy doing research and publishing THE ORIGIN OF HUMANITY, the new book now available in paperback and ebook from Books on Demand and Amazon. THE ORIGIN OF HUMANITY answers the
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Wisdom I wish I’d known earlier When a year ago I fainted, not for the first time, I ignored that open heart surgery can be both a blessing and curse at the same time. Sure, there is nothing new about it. I had fainted twice before, back in my teenage years, when I banged my helmetless head against an ice rink and pool floor, but a year ago was my third faint and this time
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The story of pre-wordic inventions In the wordless world In the wordless world, matter doesn’t exist for self-evident reasons. In the wordy world In the wordy world, matter describes what words do not have any of. Self-energy is energy that does not exist until it is observed by an instrument that can detect it. But words have even less self-energy than that. That is why words couldn’t matter if they tried, and why inside of
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Understand words is not a walk in the park. I should know for I stumbled upon words back in 2016. 7 years and 10,000 hours of writing about words later, I’m still only just getting started. If you’re anything like me, you must not only discover but then also accept that there is a difference between Before Words and After Words. Before Words vs After Words Next, you work hard to understand the difference between
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No matter how hard you try? The random things we do daily often happen without intent. By the time you realize that they’ve become habits, they have already become part of what you identify with and, therefore, of your decisions to invest your time and energy. If that is so, that would be a BIG mistake…that is easy to stop. All it takes is to add intent to these daily random habits. The instant you
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So at school the teachers can continue to teach the world’s longest lasting lie in peace. In the news today, crime is talked about in relation to forbidden hate, racism, gangs, murder, and drugs. Whilst legal, lawful, and right are mostly talked about in relation to permitted crimes such as legal drugs, religion, sex, gangs, murder, hate, and racism. What most word-users ignore it’s forgetting that… “In the beginning is the word.” “Words are, of
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1%/99% older than writing The story of words In the wordless world In the wordless world, wealth and power don’t exist for self-evident reasons. In the wordy world In the wordy world, the fact that wealth and power are words can be denied only by confirming it. And in the wordy world, many word-users want you to believe that 1/99 — also known as the 1% vs. the 99% — describes the unequal distribution of
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The most often overlooked part of humanity is that it’s a word. Many word-users believe humanity is what it describes, is how it usually works. That is a BIG mistake. This post is an attempt to explain why that is. Who am I to talk in turn? I’m the author of THE ORIGIN OF HUMANITY, subtitled WHAT CAN BE DENIED ONLY BY CONFIRMING IT. The book is based on the fact that humanity is a
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Hi, my name is Beat — pronounced B@ — Schindler. At B@’s Fresh Perspective, I’m in charge to ensure it is all about words. A million times a day Before the day is over, someone will share with you a story. At B@’s Perspective, the goal of sharing the story of words is to start a movement, to change the world. That’s because words have changed the world before, more than any other event before

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